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The Top 3 Currency Pairs to Trade During the Final Quarter of 2019

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The second half of the year looks to be an exciting one for those who participate in high leverage trading. Assuming that you’ve already partnered with the top forex broker 2019 and have already begun to trade, you’re likely wondering which currency pairs yield the best overall conditions for generating profits on a regular basis. The fact of the matter is that even though there are 164 official national currencies in the world, only a handful deliver the best results to FX traders. What are these pairs and why is this? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Forex for beginners is the same as forex for advanced traders in that all are on an equal playing field. Everyone has the potential to profit, but what sets one trader apart from another is knowledge. The more you know, the more successful you will be. The first thing you need is to sign up with a broker like EagleFX. With that in mind, let’s take a moment to increase our knowledge on the most popular and widely traded currencies in the world.

The list includes:

  •         U.S. Dollar
  •         Euro
  •         Australian Dollar
  •         Swiss Franc
  •         Canadian Dollar
  •         Japanese Yen
  •         British Pound


Of these major currencies, a few pairs look to be better options for high leverage trading for the rest of this year. If you want to achieve true success in FX trading, you need two things. The first is to have partnered with the top forex broker 2019, while the second is a clear understanding of the assets that you trade. The details below will tell you exactly which currency pairs to focus on for the remainder of the year, while also explaining why they should be on your list of preferred assets.

USD/EUR – Always most popular currency pairs, the USD/EUR paring will be at the center of many trades both now and well into the future. Those who are studying forex for beginners will want to take note here, as this pair typically has the lowest spread among all brokers. This currency pair is not overly volatile, a fact which can help to limit losses. If you are risk adverse, look to the USD/EUR pair often for the remainder of the year, especially during the holiday season, which can cause asset prices to become erratic.

USD/GBP – Profitable pips and potentially large leaps in value contributed to the popularity of this pair. If it is volatility that you see, look to the USD/GBP pair for the rest of the year. Often, traders will have this pair in their list of top assets at all times of the year, as the plethora of available information surrounding it renders the processes of technical and fundamental analysis easier. Here again, the holiday season may factor in, bring extra volatility to an already volatile pair, so remain alert to any sudden changes.

USD/JPY – Another popular currency pair, the USD/JPY pairing is associated with low spreads and less erratic price trends in comparison with other popular currency pairs. This pairing has the potential to deliver exciting earnings opportunities for traders in the months to come.

The USD/GBP pair, which typically has a higher spread than the other two pairs, should not exceed 6 pips if you’re trading with the top forex broker 2019. After you’ve secured the best possible trading conditions for high leverage trading, look to the three currency pairs listed here to provide you with many excellent entry points for the rest of the year. The increase of globalization brings about more pressing issues for many countries around the world. This results in many currency pairs being closely interconnected. Should you still be studying forex for beginners, remain mindful of this fact while trading these or any other assets.

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